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Sweet Briar

Full Sweet Briar Settlement Agreement

A settlement agreement has been reached by all parties in the mediation conducted through Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring’s office.

Click here to view the entire settlement agreement.

The following board members had resignation letters attached to the settlement agreement:

David W. Breneman, Ph.D.
Elizabeth “Rushton” Haskell Callaghan ’86, B.A.
Elvira McMillan Mannelly ’65, M.A.T.
Hilary Bowie ’12, B.A.
Judith Wilson Grant ’66, B.A.
Julia K. Sutherland ’78, B.A.
Karen Gill Meyer ’63, M.A.
Marsha Taylor Horton ’76, Ph.D.
Nancy Hudler Keuffel ’62
Paul G. Rice, B.S.
Susan P. Scanlan ’69, M.A.
Susan Sellers Ewing ’71, B.A.
Vivian Yamaguchi Cohn ’77, J.D.
Winifred Storey Davis ’61, M.B.A.
Yolanda Davis Saunders ’96, B.A.

The following board members did not have resignations attached:

A. Grace Caskey ’14, B.S.
Ann Stuart McKie Kling ’74, B.A.
Diane B. Dalton ’67, M.A.
Elizabeth H.S. Wyatt ’69, M.B.A.
Frances Griffith Laserson ’70, B.A.
Sandra Taylor ’74, M.B.A.
Sarah M. Lindemann ’13, B.A.

UPDATE (5:29 PM EDT): ALL board members have resigned.

The settlement provides indemnification so that Jimmy Jones and the entire board of directors can not be sued by the plaintiffs.

The new board will select and vote on a new president.  New board members are:

Andrew Benjamin
Thomas Neel Connors
Alice Dixon
William B. Drake, Jr
James P. Fabiani
Marianne “Mimi” C. Fahs
Kelley M. Fitzpatrick
Garry L. Friend
Martha Fruehauf
Dr. Everett “Ben” Howerton, Jr
Mary Pope Hutson
General Charles C. Krulak
James “Rocky” Query
Deborah Massie Thurman
The Honorable Teresa Pike Tomlinson
Georgene Vairo
CeCelia Valentine
Elinor Warner

Convert your pledges now at https://savingsweetbriar.com/saving-sweet-briar-donations/!

Congrats to all the alumnae who showed what it means to have a Sweet Brair education.  Hell hath no fury like a vixen scorned!

Now the real work begins – it will be a real scramble to get everything pulled together for the first day of school.


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  2. A judge in Amherst County, Va., whose county attorney sued to keep Sweet Briar open, must now approve the settlement. Lawyers for the school and the county will ask for the judge’s approval on Monday. If the settlement is approved, the county’s suit, along with two others, will be dismissed.

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